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AMEK Recall 56 Console


  • The Recall 56 console by AMEK, a UK company, was originally introduced back in 1993 as a computer-assisted live performance console. With Recall, AMEK had the first dedicated cue-based automation system that provided live performance engineers the innovative features and benefits previously only available to the studio environment. 

  • AMEK mixing consoles are one of the top professional analog mixing consoles ever produced. Many of the top albums heard on radio stations, CDs, and cassettes from all genres from the 1970s to the present day have been recorded on AMEK mixing consoles.

  • Wye Mountain Studios acquired the console in 2015 and it is the centerpiece of our recording studio.


Fall Down South - Steven Calhoun
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Main Features


  • Analog EQ & Mic Pre by Langley

  • Sweepable high & low pass Filters

  • 8 VCA groups

  • 8 Mute Groups

  • 8 Audio Sub-groups

  • 12 Auxiliary busses

  • Built in 10x8 matrix

  • Cue based Showtime™ automation

  • Supertrue™ dynamic automation

  • Recall of pots and switches

  • Virtual Dynamics™ on each input

  • VFX™ control of select midi devices

  • Redundant power supply

  • LED Metering on every channel

  • LED and VU Meterbridge

  • 56 Channels

Your Voice - Steven Calhoun
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Broken Wing Woman - Michael Burks
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Hold On I'm Coming - The Remnants of Rock
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You Will Not Drag Me Down - Harrisong
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   Pro Tools 


We record, edit, and do "cleanups" using Pro Tools.  We do a final mix using the analog console creating a final stereo track in a wave file format.

Things In Life - Harold Mahar
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Edit Station


  • Besides editing musical recordings, we currently edit a weekly church service to upload on the church website.


  • We use Cool Edit Pro to edit a wave file, which we then convert to an mp3 format so it can be published on the web.


  • We use the iZotope RX restoration program to minimize unwanted noise in copying old vinyl or tape to disk.



Carry Me - Buchanan Family
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Lighthouse - Mercy's Bridge
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Leaving Texas - Dreaming Sophia
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