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Studio Services

Practice or Rehearsal Space


The Studio can be rented for group practice or rehearsal. Rental would include the use of the Drum Set, Bass Amp, Guitar Amps, Keyboards and monitor system for vocals.  A studio technician will be on hand to help with set up and throughout the rehearsal.


Recording Session


Recording session would include the use of Drum set, Bass Amp, Guitar Amps, Keyboards and headphone system for recording and playback. A recording engineer will run the technical side of the recording session.


Editing and Transfer Services


Editing after the recording session prepares the tracks for mix down.  We can edit your church service for upload to the church web page.  We can also transfer audio vinyl records (LP) or cassette to CD format.


Mix down


The artist, or a representative for the artist, can be present for mix down of each song.  The artist or their representative will have approval of final mix.   




Mastering puts the finishing touches and polishes the overall EQ and dynamics of the recordings. The volume level is set to industry standard, which readies the CD for duplication.


CD artwork and design


The studio can provide a complete CD production package with the final design approved by the artist.  Due to the many design options, each project is quoted based on what the artist wants.


Tips For A

Great Recording


Make the most of your studio time.


Rehearse as much as possible.  Know your material inside and out.  Work out any riffs, parts, fills, or vocals before arriving at the studio. You want to spend your studio time recording tracks, not rehearsing.


Practice playing with a metronome.  This will help keep the tempo from speeding up or slowing down. If a click track is needed in the recording process, you will feel comfortable playing with one.


Make sure any equipment you plan to use in the recording session is in tiptop shape.  All instruments should be tuned using the same tuner and all fretted instruments have the correct intonation.


If you use your own drums, make sure your kit has fresh heads and that the heads are tuned properly.   


Keep distractions to a minimum. Limit the number of people to only those that need to be there.


Sometimes things don't go as planned, so be flexible and able to improvise. The unexpected can be turned into a plus by using a little imagination.


Have a list of the song titles and the key that each song is in.  Also, have written permission for any copyrighted material that is going to be recorded, if not in public domain.


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